The Druid Circle of Ochanomizu

Located opposite the Nikolai-do cathedral, this little square in the shape of a circle – and not the other way round – offers four nice benches (without dividing bars), on which one can even stretch out – the height of luxury!

Several nearby convenience stores will provide drinks and food (not far away, at Sola City, there’s even a Seijo Ishii, for special occasions).

Be careful, though: smoking is forbidden and a security guard might come and remind you of this, though with no great conviction.

If you go there on Saturday evening around 6, you can hear the frenetic cathedral chimes – they are superb. You truly can’t fail to be amazed by this drunken cavalcade of crystalline sound, liquid honey for lugholes, recalling the jingle for Radio Primitive (92.4 FM in Reims).

I have a thousand and one memories of this circle, this circus. Gotal and I went there every Wednesday night at about 11, to listen to the previous Monday’s rehearsal on my little Sony Bluetooth speaker. We met a young, charming and sympathetic artist called Kazuya, who invited us to his exhibition at Tetoka, Kanda. We became friends.  A circle conducive nightly to heated discussions and chance meetings.

I’ve often been there alone, to read or just relax. It feels good being there. The trees that protect you from the rain have sadly had a visit from the hairdresser. Lots of cute, truffle chip-loving sparrows. It’d be even better without those bloody security guards.

Highly recommended, four Ralouf stars.

(Many thanks & agadoos to Grant McGaheran for his translation!)

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