Hitomi Park

The hexagonal wigwam structure that overlooks the park from its corner mound combines with the electrical resonance from the overhanging wires to create a prismatic effect on space/time that means Hitomi Park only exists if approached from certain angles and at certain times of day. The most obvious positive side-effect of existing in this pocket dimension is that the park is nearly always empty but for the occasional fairies who gather, attracted by the area’s unique vibrations.

Nevertheless, the silence that pervades the singular space can be eerie, sending one’s own thoughts echoing into disturbing canyons of psychic noise. The clock exists to anchor visitors into a semblance of order that the space itself subtly undermines at all times. In spring and summer, the entrance to Hitomi Park dazzles with an explosive arrangement of vivid flowers, while even in winter come colourful blooms can be seen around the fringes of the surrounding greenery.

Ian (F) Martin, Call and Response Records



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